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Re-inventing your home Office!

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken us by surprise and ultimately fast tracked the work from home trend for a lot of us that thought our profession wouldn’t be manageable from home.

Now that we are already home and trying to be disciplined and productive it takes a lot of adaptability and working around the many distractions we have at home. Some of us have kids running around others have pets and the list of distractions goes on and on.

How do we go about it? Well we at Kore Construction have been thinking about this challenge and we have came up with few tips to get more productive at your home office.

We think if you properly set up your home office boundary and change few things around you might be surprised at how much more production you will get out of your day.

Let’s start first with noise. How many of you have been embarrassed by being on the phone and your child screams or your pet barks. Noise reduction is essential to be able to conduct your work and focus. We recommend implementing wall sound insulation if possible to isolate your noise distractions and be able to feel comfortable conducting virtual meetings and phone calls.

A second important factor that we do not think about at home is lighting system. Our homes where never meant to be offices and were never built for productivity; however most office spaces have been designed with productivity in mind and that entails lighting system that projects natural light and gives you the comfort necessary for you to be focused and productive. Re-thinking your lighting system and that could be moving your desk close to a window or upgrading your lighting system for comfort and productivity.

A third important aspect for productivity is toning down your room colors. Having red walls and dark colored walls can be a great distraction and makes your room feel smaller and more crowded. However by brightening up the room with a fresh coat of white or light grey can make your room feel bigger and relaxes your vision and increases your focus.

Another great idea to add to your office is a small couch of course if you have the space. Adding a couch to your home office gives you a place to take a quick break without having to venture around and get detached from work zone.

Need help re-inventing your home office! Reach out to us and we will be more then happy to assist.